New Freshmen and Transfer Student Registration
Welcome to the University of Miami (UM) School of Nursing and Health Studies (SONHS)! We are very excited you decided to join us.

As a new student, we know you are focused on making your transition to the UM as smooth as possible. Our office, the Office of Student Services (OSS), works closely with all students to empower them to take charge of their education and encourage them to prepare for the future, even before they arrive on campus. The goal is to educate students early on so they may participate fully in all aspects of their UM experience and so they become well-equipped to engage in the future of health science, nursing, and public health as well-rounded, culturally-competent individuals.

There are numerous combinations of courses you can choose to put your schedule together. It is important you select courses that allow you to pursue your own academic interests as you work through your degree requirements. Follow the steps below to register for your first semester.

New Freshmen Registration Process

Ready to register? Our office created 3 easy steps to help you think through, create, and enroll in your first semester schedule. Complete each of the following steps as outlined below:

Step 1: Read through the University’s New Freshmen Registration website in entirety
  • Familiarizing yourself with this basic information and completing the ALEKS Math Placement Test (if applicable) is essential to understanding how to complete the remaining steps

Step 2: Complete and submit the SONHS Academic Reference Form (ARF) online
  • We highly recommend all incoming freshmen complete the ARF by May 30th if possible

Step 3: Register through CaneLink immediately after you submit your ARF
  • If you submit your ARF before May 30th, you must wait until May 30th to register
  • Check out the “Registration Process Using CaneLink” section of the New Freshmen Registration website for information on the registration process

You are registered!  Our Academic Advisors will review your schedule sometime between June 11th and August 4th to make sure you are ready to enter your first semester.  They will be in touch with you if they have any questions or concerns.  See you at the SONHS Orientation on August 18th!

New Transfer Student Registration Process

If you are transferring directly into the BSN clinical courses, you will be registered automatically by our office once you pay your UM and SONHS admission deposits. Otherwise, you must follow the steps below to register for your first semester schedule:

Step 1: Review Your Degree Requirements
  • Click on the appropriate link on the left to review your degree requirements

Step 2: Complete the ALEKS Math Placement Test
  • If your mathematics requirement will not be completed by your transfer coursework, you must complete the ALEKS Math Placement Test prior to your registration appointment

Step 3: Call the OSS at (305) 284-4325 to Schedule a Registration Appointment
  • The OSS academic advisors will review your academic records and help you register
  • Draft an ideal schedule based on your review of your degree requirements and your transfer work, and bring your ideal schedule to your appointment

Registration, Orientation, and Enrollment Timeline

New Student Registration Timeline


Click on the BSN, BSHS, or BSPH requirements link on the left to view your plan of study and see a detailed picture of your degree requirements.

Contact the academic advisors in the OSS at